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  Silly x Jack Litter October 2010:

    "Louie is doing great. This dog is amazing! I can't even tell you how many people comment that he is just the perfect example of what a lab should be.

    Our vet is blown away (he's a     lab guy too); they just love him at that office.

    He is growing like a weed; 65 lbs now and counting. The personality is just spectacular, I am not sure I've met a happier dog.

    He's quite intelligent, although rather headstrong at times (teenagers...).

    He drags about 100 pounds of lumber into the yard a day (and probably eats half of it), very entertaining."

    Erik B.


  Tessa x Louie Litter:

    Pru had a good ride to her new home. Fussed for a minute , by the time we got to the traffic light she was asleep in my arms

    and stayed there until we  got  home.

    The snow was almost gone but there was enough for her to taste and lay in . LOL 

    In the afternoon she would fuss to go out  each time when she had to go .   She only took little 10 minute naps.  Last night we

    took her to bed with us at 8:00 and she slept all night .  No fussing! We got up at 4:00 but I think she would have slept

    longer LOL

    Have a great doggie day, we know we will.  

    Deb and Glenn

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  Silly x Jack Litter 2010:

    Jack loves to sleep in his crate w his blanket from you. Thanks again for this incredible puppy. He is adjusting better than we

    could have imagined. Slept the whole night last night in crate for the first time but all the other nights only up and out once then

     back to sleep in crate for night. Amazing!



    Simba has adjusted to our home pleasingly well and we absolutely love him! He is almost completely on our daily routine/schedule. 

    He comes to work with me every day and is spoiled with attention! (Simba has had more visitors in one week than we get in a year!)

    He definitely seems to be learning quickly as labs are known to do. The vet said he is the most perfect puppy and everyone there

     is so excited to watch him grow! Thank you for setting our puppy up for a great future!

    Kelly and Colby


  Silly x Jack Litter 2009:


    Colby is quite the quick learner so far and we are absolutely loving having him at home so thank you so much for allowing

    us to take him home!!

    He is doing great house training & crate training & even goes for puppy play dates two times a week for socialization with

    three other labs (& a beagle) which he loves. He is really starting to look like he will have Murphy's build and is turning into

     a beautiful dog, he's the favorite wherever we go!! More pictures to follow as he continues to grow, apparently like a weed :)

    Thank you again for our little man!!


    Brett & Tiffany


 " If anyone wants a testimonial to the temperament of these puppies feel free to give them my email address.

      I can   not get over the overall behavior of Moxie. He is a delight to have around. We are fortunate to have

      Bev gone only 2 hours per day as I am sure the amount of attention he is getting plays a role. He sure learns



    "Things have been going well at home. Here is a picture of Roo(za) taking a nap after a big play session out in the

    snow with Goldie.  We've only had one accident so far... SO FAR!  He has adjusted well to  his new home and is

    sleeping in his crate with little crying. Went to  the vet today and all is well. Back next Monday for boosters.

    Thanks for everything we'll be in touch."

     Jenna and Steve



  Silly x Gallagher Litter:


  "She's already a favorite at PetSmart...they've known PJ for a couple of years, and now they know Rosie by name too. 

    They look forward to our visit every Sunday.  Rosie is very friendly with people and other dogs...trots right up and

    says hello! 

    She's very snuggly too...my son lies on his back on the floor, and has her lying on top of him on her back...she just lays

    there and licks his ear! 

    She's probably the most laid-back puppy I've ever seen." 

    Jessica G.



 "This is the most well adjusted dog that I have ever had. No fuss, put her in her pen and she plays with her toys,

        she is  NOT afraid of ANY of the dogs . . .  What more could anyone ask for.  She is truly an Angel. 

        She goes into her crate to sleep etc., she is a welcome change from what I have had.  I can NEVER thank you



        Animal Control Officer




       "Not sure, but I think I have not thanked you again recently!  Carlee is just an absolute pleasure and the fact that

   she  was house broken when we brought her home is just an incredible feature!!!"





       "He just had his 12 week visit w/ vet who kept commenting on what a magnificent looking dog he is, 

  ( which he really is).  He  is 23 lbs already.  He's going to be a big one.  We love him very much and I think he is very

   happy w/ us. 

         Thanks again."





        "He has settled in so quickly! We are so grateful for you providing us with such a great dog."





        "Things are going really well...He is so good...I hate to say it but he is sooo spoiled!!!!  I never thought I would love

    this dog so much....Thank you so much for everything."

        Jessica D.




        "She howled a bit on the way home, but has adjusted very well. She's getting a lot of attention from people and

   dogs alike.

         She's eating and sleeping well, and getting a lot of romping in. Scout is even getting used to her sharp teeth...well

  sort of...and he even shares a tennis ball -- most of the time. Right now they're laying down side by side.

        Thanks again for such a wonderful pup!"





Available Adults

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